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Space Baby is a beat-synced modulated digital delay. It uses a simple wireless infrared protocol to maintain sync with other Andromeda Space Rocker devices.

Space Baby!

Space Baby

Tell me more!

As you wish:

Click here for a pdf which describes the controls.

Click here for a pdf of the schematic.

How does it sound?

With MIDI-IR and the Autonomous Baseline Generator:

By itself (input is a offscreen MFOS Soundlab):

What is it compatible with?

It has a quarter-inch jack for line-level input. Guitar should be okay too, although it is a bit noisy.

It can wirelessly sync to the following devices:

How much does it cost?

Sorry, I am currently out of stock.


Article in Italian-language "Audio Video & Music" magazine (see issue 21, pg 34)

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DJ Metronome's detailed build pictures

Space Baby???

You know, Pink Floyd "Echoes"...2001...the floating space baby...

Chinese Space Baby from chineseposters.net

Translation: "Moon Palace Little Guest". Supposedly a jade rabbit lives there.

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